Take-off fees
For every take-off a fee is calculated based on the aircraft MTOW according to Airworthiness Certificate or Operating Handbook.
For every 1000 kg or part thereof:
40 DKK (minimum fee 80 DKK)

Season ticket for fixed-wing aircraft
For aircraft with MTOW of 5750 kg according to Airworthiness Certificate or Operating Handbook.
The cost of a season ticket for an aeroplane is 400 DKK for each 1000 kg MTOW or part thereof. Minimum is 1600 DKK.
The season ticket covers take-off and parking fees for an aircraft for a 12-month period, this period always being a calendar year.
A season ticket is valid for a single aircraft only.
A season ticket cannot be transferred to another aircraft, except when the season ticket-holding aircraft has been sold.

Lift fee
A lift fee is charged for skydiving at Kolding Airport. The fee is charged in addition to aircraft season ticket and take-off fees.
Lift fees are:
Aircraft below 1999 kg MTOW: 45 DKK for each lift
Aircraft above 2000 kg MTOW: 150 DKK for each lift
Tandemjumps unrelated to club: 100 DKK for each lift

Parking fees for stays in excess of six hours
A parking fee of 8 DKK for every 1000 kg MTOW or part thereof according to Airworthiness Certificate or Operating Handbook is charged for an aircraft staying at the airport in the outside parking areas. Minimum fee is 40 DKK each day.

Out-of-hours fee
If use of the airport for IFR flight outside of normal AFIS operating hours is required, an out-of-hours fee of 300 DKK for every 30 minutes is charged from the time, the AD is first made operational on request, and until the completion of the flight operation. Minimum fee is for an hour.
The fee is paid in addition to normal fees.
If the required out-of-hours operation of the AD does not happen as an extension of normal AFIS operational hours, or a request for out-of-hours operation according to AIP has not been made, a minimum out-of-hours fee of three hours is charged.